Plans to Reality – a business planning and implementation consultancy – offer the following services:

  • Business planning workshops
  • Assessment surveys for:
    • Employees
    • Executive management
    • Customers/clients
    • Workgroups
    • Supply Chain partners
  • Strategic marketing and business development consulting
  • Organisational alignment for effective implementation consulting
  • Managing change for effective implementation consulting
  • Leadership for effective implementation consulting
  • Teams and teamwork for effective implementation consulting
  • Employee Engagement for effective implementation consulting
  • Monitoring/Measuring/Improving for effective implementation consulting

bpi consultants was formed in 1987 by founder, Graham Haines, to provide assistance and advice to SME’s on strategic marketing and management. Recognising the difficulties in planning implementation, Plans to Reality was recently formed by Graham to identify and address barriers to the implementation process and ensure successful implementation.

From the outset, the consultancy has been based on two tenets.  Firstly, that the quality of advice offered is highly dependent on the quality of the information upon which it is based.  Secondly, determining the initiatives to be taken is often the easy part; the difficult part is making it happen.

To improve the quality of information and provide a sound basis for the advice given, Graham has developed four proprietary assessment instruments covering senior executives, employees, customers and workgroups.  It also has exclusive access to a fifth involving collaborative partnerships and strategic alliances between members of supply chains.  These instruments serve two purposes.  They are used to determine the current reality and to measure the impact of initiatives taken.

To assist organisation in turning plans into reality, Graham has developed a unique business model that covers the complete cycle from planning, implementation, measurement and revision.  It is called “The Wagon Wheel Way” because the model and process is based on the construction and operation of a wagon wheel.  It is the subject of a book currently being written called “Plans to Reality – why things don’t happen and how to make sure they do”.  The book is based on the author’s experience of 23 years of consulting and 18 years in business development roles with a major international chemical company.


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